More 2008 harvest video from Nadezhda Ataeva and colleagues

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Shift from cotton to fruit crops…in Tajikistan

Posted on July 30, 2009 by | No Comments reports on Tajikistan’s gradual decrease in acreage planted under cotton in favor of orchards: According to the chief agronomist of the Sogd provincial department of agriculture, Abduvohid Yarmatov, this year 16 thousand hectares of cotton were eliminated:  71 thousand hectares were planted under cotton before, and only 55 thousand are currently.  The main reason […]

Cotton, child labor and instability

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The June 13-19 issue of the Economist has a good analysis of the suicide attacks that took place at the end of May in Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley, one of the heaviest cotton-growing areas.  

U.S. anti-trafficking report: child labor on cotton is forced labor…

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…and the Uzbek government is not doing anything serious about it.