What you can do: email Gymboree, Fred’s and Abercrombie & Fitch

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A select few retailers are getting closer to getting Uzbek cotton out of their supply chains.  These include J. Crew, and Hanes, the t-shirt maker; some others don’t want to be named until they are further along in the process.  But some corporations are just plain recalcitrant, including those named above. When I go to […]

LL Bean vows to exclude Uzbek cotton

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Of all the companies named by the International Labor Rights Forum on this year’s Sweatshop Hall of Shame for the use of Uzbek cotton, LL Bean was the fastest to respond, and vowed to (eventually) exclude it from their supply chain.  Let’s hope their follow through is as exhaustive as their initial response was rapid. […]

The cost of cotton: no future

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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports that Uzbek college students are regularly being expelled for refusing to pick cotton. With that kind of a black mark in their past, any expelled student has little chance of ever completing higher education at home, which leaves the most likely option for survival in a country with mass un- […]

LL Bean, Hanes, Gymboree: child exploiters

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The International Labor Rights Forum released its list of Sweatshop Hall of Shame inductees for 2009.  They include some of the best-known American retailers of children’s clothing…who refuse to stop profiting from the exploitation of children in Uzbekistan.  ILRF writes: While over 25 companies have committed to boycotting the use of Uzbek cotton until the […]

Dubai defaults…on human rights

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It wasn’t too much of a surprise to read that the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre bonds were placed on credit watch negative recently, after being downgraded to junk status in June.  Is a business model built on willful, knowing exploitation of forced child labor really sustainable in any sense? Maybe five years ago, traders could […]