Bald faced lies

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It’s going to be hard for international organizations to claim that Uzbekistan is making any progress on the issue of forced child labor in agriculture when the government continues to bluntly, vociferously deny reality. The Expert Working Group, a collection of young human rights activists in the country, participated in the 98th session of the […]

Called to account, Uzbekistan pleads, “But we’re working with UNICEF!”

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Tomorrow and Friday, the UN body that reviews states’ adherence to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, will consider Uzbekistan’s latest (third) regular report. Previous reviews have highlighted the issue of forced child labor, and in fact this year’s list of questions that the committee submits to the government ahead of the review […]

Anti-Slavery International calls on H&M and Zara to cut out Uzbek cotton

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See the group’s call to action here, and here.

World Bank in Uzbekistan: excusing child exploitation?

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A modest proposal:  if international organizations feel incapable of speaking out against Uzbekistan’s state-sponsored child exploitation (can’t damage that all-important mandate, can we?), at the very least they should be able to avoid promoting it.  Can we agree? Unfortunately this seems like too much to ask.  The World Bank has decided to devote this year’s […]

Asian Development Bank: “We intend to expand cooperation with Uzbekistan.”

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The thickest thread in the interlocking economic web that keeps child slavery in place is of course the international cotton purchasers that allow the regime to profit from exploitation.  But international development banks have a not-insignificant role too, considering they provide loans for agricultural projects, technical assistance, and, critically, political cover for this appalling practice, […]