Tell Sting: the Uzbek people want their money back

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I could hardly believe this story that Eurasianet broke back in September of last year, about Sting’s plan to give a concert for the Uzbek elite at the behest of Gulnora Karimova, daughter of dictator Islam Karimov.  Tickets for $1,000? Nice, in a country with a minimum monthly wage of less than $20, and from […]

Stunning footage from the Uzbek-German Forum

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Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights: 2009 cotton harvest Beyond documentation of the youth and vulnerability of those exploited this past year, this footage shows so clearly what miserable work children are forced to do. You can hear in the audio the sounds of the pods and branches scratching their hands and tearing at their clothes.

UN Secretary General to Uzbekistan: stop forced child labor

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Reuters and the New York Times are both reporting that the UN SG made a big push on human rights on his regional trip, with special emphasis on the issue in Uzbekistan.  The Secretary General was also reportedly very moved by his flight over the Aral Sea, an ecological disaster directly traceable to the cotton […]