What Does President Karimov Know About Child Labor in the Cotton Industry?

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How much does President Islam Karimov know about the use of children in the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan? Surely he must know a lot, because he is intimately connected to preparations for the cotton crop this year as in other years, and has become involved in every aspect of the industry personally, right down to […]

New Uzbek Presidential Decree Further Restricts Private Farmers

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On April 18, President Islam Karimov signed a decree titled “On Measures to Observe Legality in Reorganization and Optimization of the Sizes of Land Parcels of Farmers’ Associations.” This presidential measure translates into further empowerment for local administrative officials to seize farmers’ land through the courts, the semi-official Uzbek news site uzmetronom.com reports. The decree […]

Life of an Uzbek Child Rights Advocate

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Our colleague Umida Niyazova has posted a blog about her childhood and her life as an advocate for child rights, fighting against forced child labor in the cotton industry in Uzbekistan by documenting the stories of families throughout the country. Umida remembers her own mother, a teacher in a middle school, compelled to leave her […]

Uzbek Government Forms Working Group on Forced Child Labor — But Still No Invitation to the ILO

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The Uzbek government has announced the formation of a new working group to ensure no forced child labor is used in Uzbekistan, centralasiannewswire.com reported, citing  UzDaily.com, an Uzbek pro-government online business daily. Yet Tashkent has still not issued an invitation to the International Labor Organization (ILO) to visit Uzbekistan during the cotton harvest season in […]

U.S. State Department Country Reports on Forced Child Labor in Uzbekistan

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The US State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices was released April 8, and Uzbekistan is singled out among the world’s worst violators of human rights. Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights Michael Posner outlined three major global trends — increased government restrictions on non-governmental groups,  attempts to block the Internet, and attacks […]

Who Will Monitor Forced Child Labor in Uzbekistan? ILO Still Barred by Uzbek Government

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Who will monitor the use of forced child labor in Uzbekistan this year? With the International Labor Organization (ILO) still not permitted to enter Uzbekistan, with Human Rights Watch kicked out of Uzbekistan, with local groups increasingly under fire from the dictatorial regime of President Islam Karimov, the job of telling the truth about the […]

American Business, Labor, and Human Rights Leaders Meet with Uzbek Ambassador

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Eight leaders from business, labor, and human rights organizations met with Ambassador Ilhom Nematov, Uzbekistan’s envoy to the U.S., on March 11 to express their concerns about the continued use of forced child labor in the cotton industry in Uzbekistan. The group included representatives from the National Retail Federation and the American Apparel & Footwear […]