French Protesters Mark Karimov’s Birthday

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Demonstrators in France turned out on January 30th, President Islam Karimov’s 74th birthday, to call attention to the dictator’s many human rights violations. The activists picked the Uzbek Embassy in Paris, but embassy staff refused to accept their petition or meet with the protesters, says Among the protesters were members of the Association for […]

UNICEF Quietly Mentions — but Doesn’t Condemn — Forced Child Labour

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You have to dig to the last page of a specialized newsletter — but it’s there — the new UNICEF-Uzbekistan Newsletter contains a single paragraph at the bottom of the final page of the newsletter on forced child labour: During the period of 17 to 22 September 2011, 6 teams consisting of 14 UNICEF staff […]

Speaking Cotton — A New Film on Forced Child Labour

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A new film about forced child labour in the cotton industry in Uzbekistan was released in December. Speaking Cotton, a film by Stefanie Trambow and Erik Malchow, portrays the ongoing exploitation of children in Uzbekistan’s cotton fields. In German and Russian, with English subtitles.