ILO Again Calls on Uzbekistan to Address Concerns Regarding Forced Child Labor

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Earlier this month, the International Labor Organization (ILO) Committee of Experts published a report of its most recent deliberations, including its review of the child labor situation in Uzbekistan. The Committee cited a consensus of UN bodies, workers’ and employers’ organizations and NGOs regarding the scope of the child labor problem in Uzbekistan and published […]

Uzbekistan in the Land of Fashion

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Last fall the organizers of New York’s Fashion Week responded to pressure from members of the cotton campaign and a wave of public criticism by canceling Gulnara Karimova’s planned show of her Guli line. The Uzbek dictator’s daughter, tagged the “fascista fashionista” by the New York Post, dug in and held her show elsewhere and […]

Human Rights Watch on Forced Child Labor, Other Human Rights Violations

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Last week, unknown assaialants shot and wounded Obidkhon Qori Nazarov, a popular Uzbek imam who had received political asylum in Sweden after fleeing religious persecution in Uzbekistan. This is just another reminder that forced child labor is only one of the myriad human rights problems in Uzbekistan today. Human Rights Watch’s annual report provides a […]