Business with Uzbek cotton Associates the Brand with Modern Slavery

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“Syria, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan may become increasingly important apparel sourcing countries in coming years once ongoing issues around political and human rights have been resolved,” reported Just Style this week. Amidst such speculation, companies should accelerate efforts to ensure that cotton from Uzbekistan does not enter their supply chain while the state-sponsored forced labor system […]

Uzbekistan: US Report Fails Child Labor Victims- Unwillingness to Impose Meaningful Consequences Allows Abuses to Continue

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(Washington, DC, June 21, 2012) – The United States government’s decision not to cite Uzbekistan for its widespread practice of forced and child labor in the country’s cotton sector sends the wrong message to the Uzbek government, a broad coalition of groups said in a letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on June […]

Governments: The Time Is Now to Urge the Uzbek Government to Accept ILO Monitoring

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This week UNICEF reflected on the continued failure of the government of Uzbekistan to end its forced labor system, stating that “the opportunity for change which we had initially identified appears to be no longer available”, and repeated their call for the Government of Uzbekistan to accept monitoring by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Whether […]

Uzbek President Approval of 2012 Cotton Quotas Forecasts Increased Forced Labor

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In cynical disconnect with today’s World Day Against Child Labor, the President of Uzbekistan approved production quotas for the 2012 cotton harvest that ensure another year of widespread forced adult labor and forced child labor. Every year the government of Uzbekistan forcibly mobilizes over a million children, teachers, public servants and employees of private businesses […]

Exposure to Uzbek cotton may seriously damage your reputation

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The newly published From the field: Travels of Uzbek Cotton Through the Value Chain paper authored by Valentina Gurney, cotton program manager at the Responsible Sourcing Network, and Patricia Jurewicz, the RSN director and Alina Shlyapochnik, as contributing editors, presents a first part of a set of learning tools the RSN is developing for brands […]