Uzbek Citizens Call to “Boycott Uzbek Textile and Companies Using It”

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“We, the undersigned citizens of Uzbekistan, call for an international boycott of Uzbek textile and companies that use it. For the Uzbek textile is produced of cotton harvested using forced labour of children and adults. Foreign investors and partners of Uzbek textile companies must comply with international human rights standards, and press for the Uzbek […]

Cotton Campaign Calls on UBTIC to End Its Support for State-Sponsored Forced Labor System of Cotton Production

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Today, the Cotton Campaign sent the following letter to Mr. Peter Lilley, MP, House of Commons and Co-Chairman of Uzbek-British Trade & Industry Council, following the UBTIC’s promotion of the upcoming Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair 13 September 2012 Rt. Hon. Peter Lilley MP Co-Chairman of Uzbek-British Trade & Industry Council House of Commons London […]

Uzbekistan: Human Rights Committee of the Bundestag Denied Entry

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The following is a statement by Mr. Volker Beck, one of the three German parliamentarians of the Human Rights Committee: “The Uzbek government has canceled the long scheduled visit of the Human Rights Committee of the German parliament to Uzbekistan, for “technical and organizational reasons.” Volker Beck, one of the three planned delegation members and […]

Government of Uzbekistan Fails to Allow ILO Monitoring of Cotton Harvest: Urgent Call to Action for Governments & Companies

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Once again, the government of Uzbekistan has refused to invite an International Labour Organisation mission to conduct monitoring during the cotton harvest. In a clear demonstration of the top-down, government-dictated process, the Uzbek government formally initiated the country’s cotton harvest today by issuing its annual order to commence the national cotton harvest. Across the country, […]