Uzbekistan 2012 Cotton Harvest: Continued State-Sponsored Forced Labor of Children and Adults

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Press Release (December 20, 2012) Call to action for governments & companies to urge the government of Uzbekistan to end abuses The 2012 cotton harvest in Uzbekistan has concluded, and the system of forced labor of cotton production remained the same as in previous years. Today, the Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights and the Cotton […]

Deepening State-Sponsored Forced Labor Flagged in Field Report of the 2011 Uzbek Cotton Harvest

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“Cotton – it’s not a plant, it’s politics”: The system of forced labor in Uzbekistan’s cotton sector- Evidence from the 2011 cotton harvest presents the depth and brutality of state-sponsored forced labor of children and adults in the cotton sector of the Central Asian country. This newly released report of the 2011 cotton harvest, by […]

When the Rubber Hits the Road, Actually Cotton…

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Action for Companies to Take to Address State-Sponsored Forced Labor in the Uzbek Cotton Sector Everyone has a conscience; therefore, most people do not want to wear clothing or sleep in sheets made with cotton picked in slavery conditions. In the current accelerated stage of globalization, workers and consumers increasingly pressure companies, particularly those with […]