How teachers and teachers’ unions are working to stop child and forced labour

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Teachers’ union representatives and pension trustees from across Canada participated in a November 15th, 2013 webinar co-sponsored by the British Columbia Teachers Federation and SHARE entitled “How teachers and teachers’ unions are working to stop child and forced labour.” The webinar focused on the use of child and forced labour in the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan, […]

Aid to Uzbekistan Should Not Help Forced Child Labor

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By Kate Lapham,  Education Support Program, Open Society Foundations. Add your voice This month, the government of Uzbekistan submitted a request for $49.9 million to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), a coalition that pools donor funds to strengthen education in developing countries. The proposal has a few technical problems. It accurately identifies the need to increase preschool access for children three […]

International Workers, Employers, Governments Call on Uzbekistan to End Forced Labour

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For Immediate Release: June 11, 2013  The International Labour Organization supervisory body recommends that the Uzbek government to take urgent and serious action to end forced labour of children and adults in the cotton sector. (Geneva) – The Government ofUzbekistanshould take urgent and significant steps to end systematic forced labour of children and adults in […]

Government of Uzbekistan Fails to Allow ILO Monitoring of Cotton Harvest: Urgent Call to Action for Governments & Companies

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Once again, the government of Uzbekistan has refused to invite an International Labour Organisation mission to conduct monitoring during the cotton harvest. In a clear demonstration of the top-down, government-dictated process, the Uzbek government formally initiated the country’s cotton harvest today by issuing its annual order to commence the national cotton harvest. Across the country, […]

Teachers in Uzbekistan: Deprived of their Profession / Forced to be Cotton Growers

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Uzbekistan is the only country in the world where the government shuts educational institutions for 2-3 months and send students and school children to pick cotton. The cotton industry of Uzbekistan is built on forced labour, and the most convenient objects of forced cotton harvest are schools. During cotton season, you can see propaganda posters […]

“Can You Feel the Sadness in Your Clothes?”

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Young students of Garston asked a national forum at Oxford University, “Can you feel the sadness in your clothes?” on June 26. The students’ participated in workshops by Anti-Slavery International last year and since developed their own “Cut Cotton Crimes” campaign. The students’ informed and outraged presentation highlighted the problem of international complicity in the […]

Spring field activities: Forced child labor continues – Report from Uzbekistan by Sukhrobjon Ismoilov, Director of the Expert Working Group

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Despite Uzbek authorities’ high-sounding statements and adoption of several national and international norms banning forced child labor this practice is still wide spread in the country’s agricultural sector. Moreover the practice of forced labor has also started involving other groups of the population. A closer look at the official statements reveals that the Uzbek authorities […]

The Hidden Cost of Forced Child Labor

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In their blog “Why Nations Fail,” Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson highlight one of the hidden costs of large scale forced child labor in Uzbekistan: the decline in educational achievement of students forced to spend weeks and sometimes months harvesting cotton rather than attending school. “This type of coercion is actually all too common,” Acemoglu […]